A spa purifier means cleaner water with fewer chemicals and less maintenance.
You can reduce the need for chemical spa sanitizers by using our Prozone CSS-5 Salt Sanitizer/Ozone System

The Prozone CSS-5 Benefits

• Uses Salt: Approximately 7 Pounds for Initialization, Then As Needed About Every       Three Months
• No Harsh Costly
• Chemicals to Buy, Store, or Dispense; Only pH balancers are needed
• Balancers as Needed
• Produces Fresh, Softer Crystal Clear Water
• Without Chemical Odors
• Improves Sanitation
• Eliminates Eye, Skin and Hair Irritation Chemicals Can Produce
• Saves Maintenance Time and Money
• Destroys Bacteria In the Wate

What The Prozone CSS-5 System Does

• Generates a consistent chlorine residual
• Ozone & Chlorine complement each other
• No longer dose or handle chemicals
• Multi-patented ozone/chlorine combination
• Low salt, low current cell
• Hands free chlorine residual
• Completely automatic Oxidation and sanitation

The Prozone CSS-5 System Specs

Salt/Chlorine Generator Standard System
• Spa Size: Up to 1000 gallons
• Chlorine Output: 4 grams/hr max
• Salt Levels:2500 PPM

Chlorine Generator Cell
• High Impact Clear or Black Housing
• Electrode Material: 6 Plates Titanium with noble metal coating of Ruthenium Oxide and Iridium

Easy Cell Cleaning with:
• Acid Insertion Cell
• Ozone diffusion
• Auto Reverse

The Prozone CSS-5 Unique Features

• Uses advanced oxidation and pure 03 ozone, a natural form of oxygen
• Has patented Corona Hybrid Ozonation for the most reliable and economical systems available
• Has titanium plates with noble metal coating
• Has maintenance-free cell, which can be easily maintained without removal

Oxidation is a process that destroys or burns up bacteria and pollutants. In water, tri-oxygen oxidizes combined chlorine and bromine, freeing them.