Alternative Therapies

Rejuvenate with the healing benefits of at-home spa therapies.

Water therapies involving warm water infused with deep massage have healed people around the world for centuries.

American Select Spas takes this healing tradition to a new level by incorporating color, light, scent, music, and specialized hydromassage techniques into your hydrotherapy sessions.

American Select Spas are perfect for experiencing the benefits of reflexology, chromatherapy and watsu.

    • • The foot jets in many of our models are ideal for the massaging foot work involved in Reflexology.

• The multi-colored led lighting cast a spectrum of mood-enhancing shades. 

• The healing art of watsu can be practiced in our large hot tubs. 

Reflexology, Chromatherapy and Watsu

Hydromassage directed to pressure points in the feet can stimulate positive energy channels in other parts of the body.

Tap into the effects associated with specific colors to benefit the body and spirit.

A combination of the words “Water” and “Shiatsu,” watsu uses gentle movement and acupressure to encourage relaxation and energy flow.

Why try different therapeutic approaches?
American Select Spas gives you a choice of jet and seating options in every spa: exploring different hydrotherapeutic techniques can help you discover new ways to get the most out of your spa sessions. Learn to target specific muscle groups or joints, find out which jet combinations are most relaxing, or simply enjoy a new experience, every day.

Experience the healing power of music along with your American Select Spas hydrotherapy session.
Soothing sounds and American Select Spas go together naturally. So do music and hot tub parties! You have options for built-in stereo music with American Select Spas, including iPod docking stations in selected models.